1. Shoulders -A good suit should hug your shoulders. Let it hold you firmly, in a friendly way.
  2. Torso – Your jacket should fit the silhouette of your frame. Have a tailor sneak it in at the sides to highlight shoulders.
  3. Sleeves – Think about width. Tailoring sleeves to rid them of excess fabric cuts a mean figure.
  4. Ticket Pockets – Channel your inner dandy.
  5. Flap Pockets – Classic. End of Story.
  6. Cuff -its like the frame ona painting. Let a little sleeves show through as a finishing touch. Its also lengthens the look of your arms.
  7. Stays – They Keep your collar erect. Take them out before laundering and get them back in there.
  8. Lapels – Nothing define a suit louder than the lapels. Try it slim-its contemporary without too much hipster baloney.
  9. Pocket Square – Wear your top pocket square to bring attention to the chest, not the belly.
  10. Tie – Its the first thing people notice. Keep it bold and classy and let it tie the rest of your outfit together. The tip of your tie should end at your belt line, no shoulder, no longer.
  11. Buttons – Three is spicy but two is where its at. Fool-proof low buttons will bring a long slim look.