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We specialize in men’s haircut and the latest men’s hair fashions like Pompadour, Uppercut, Fade and a lot more of classic and contemporary hairstyles. First Choice Barbershop (Kedai Gunting Rambut) in Malaysia.


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17 Different Locations Across The Country

Our Happy Customer

Make sure get your fresh cut at Walter Barbershop. Good Service!

Nabil Ifwat

Cool set up…. Went there with a buddy this morning to get his haircut. Friendly and helpful staff. I haven’t been to such awesome barber shop for a long time. Bernard Chin

A place for a true gentleman,the product and the service,makes you feel like the Kingsman. Andy Borhan

The haircut that did not disappoint. Been to a few barbershops and saloons. I would be 80% satisfied, but at Walter’s, gave me the cut I exactly asked (100% satisfaction!!) Divenesh Sivanathan

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